Richard Taylor


I make art to bring my experiences and my interpretations of events to life in pieces of visual richness. I evoke these events through my personal language of abstraction. This language aims for a unified statement in a sculptural composition of meaning and balance.

When my work is viewed, I hope viewers have a sense of music, and of poetry. I choose to work abstractly, as I hope to find a common visual language that reaches a broad spectrum of people. There is syncopation, harmony, and layering in my work, and I strive to create pieces that bring something new and fresh with each consideration.

Many of my sculptures are reflections on places I have visited or noteworthy events in my life. I often work in series, such as my Chess Series, which is about making choices in life, and how those choices affect subsequent choices, and ultimately our entire lives.

I strive to create work that calls viewers back again and again, work that is nuanced and incrementally suggestive of new revelations. I want work that is rewarding to the eye in and of itself. I want work that sings.