Exhibits and Events

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019 - NOVEMBER 2, 2019


Pretty Ugly addresses the concept of prettiness and ugliness through contemporary figurative art forms possessing the expressiveness and spirit of art brut, outsider art and folk art.

Existing outside the cultural norm of ‘fine art’, we open up the conversation - is it pretty, is it ugly, or is it pretty ugly? Does beauty exist on its own or is it created by the observer under the influence of cultural and historic specifications? Can the relationship of pretty and ugly be turned depending on the point of view?

Including work by Ken Draim, Stacy Innerst, Laura Jean McLaughlin, Tom Megalis, Jay Nesbitt, Tom Sarver and David Wallace.

Opening Reception 

Friday, September 20 | 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Click here for a laugh out loud video invitation featuring a comedic family discusson on art!


The exhibition continues through November 2nd.