Exhibits and Events

OCTOBER 7, 2021 - NOVEMBER 19, 2021

Two New Solo Exhibitions: Defying Dimensions & Seeing in Solitude

"Defying Dimensions" sculpture by Dan Droz

"My work employs novel methods of folding and forming materials including metal, glass and wire mesh and often incorporates hidden reflective surfaces and the use of perspective that defies easy comprehension. The forms seem simple: An open box. A tabletop. But their apparent simplicity belies an underlying attempt to expose the fallacy of understanding what is real. In sculpture, this is immediately apparent in the sense that we are only seeing one view at a time, the experience changing as we view a work from different positions. But there are also the reflections, shadows, negative space, and in the case of layered planes, the interior spaces that are easy to miss and require time for them to reveal their secrets. Beyond the literal gaps in perception, there are metaphoric issues at play. The fact that our perceptions of reality are limited and arguably missing much of the good stuff, underscores a central challenge in my work – changing the way we experience reality without completely abandoning it."

Cornered, powder coated aluminum, 46h x 28w x 8d


"Seeing in Solitude" paintings by Chuck Olson 

"As artists often work in isolation, the Covid crisis demanded that as a requirement- an uninvited partner to the creative work. Its imposed solitude made for a more monastic studio experience without the foreseeable promise of a public presentation. It set the challenge of new definitions for the life now lived in searching for relevant images that codified the experience. From January 2020 through August 2021, over 75 paintings were realized in response to the new normal.

'Seeing in Solitude' is the lion’s share of this work that was born out of an ambitious, daily studio routine within which I sought pushback in what seemed to be a shrinking world with less adventure and promise. Art has always been about hope, determination, and courage, and I counted on the laboratory of the studio to give me new images- new signposts in a world longing for emergence and positive energy.

These paintings follow my familiar paths of creating hybrids of form gleaned from the object, history, and landscape then placed as a sculptor would so do in giving their creations context. In each, the sculptural center of interest is apparent and direct. Collage is initially employed in a most random fashion as cultural white noise from which the stronger, more structured image emerges. In this, contrasts abound. There are contrasts in color, form, light and dark, collage and hand made, and thick and thin. All of this contributes to dialogue- agreement and argument between the forces within each painting. In creating and viewing these paintings, one faces something new. They are both familiar and unexpected with the goal of evoking childlike wonder and intellectual curiosity."

Eden, acrylic, collage on canvas, 72h x 60w


Opening Reception 

Thursday, October 7 | 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM