James Frederick

Owner & Founder

headshot of James Frederick
  • Leader of James Gang
  • Liaison with client/owner representative
  • Directs artists for commission of work
  • Four decades immersed in art

Paul Cicozi

Gallery Director

headshot of Paul Cicozi
  • Talent Scout
  • Curates & coordinates Gallery exhibitions
  • Places fine art in private and corporate collections

Gayle Irwin


headshot of Gayle Irwin
  • Directs business initiatives
  • Overall coordination of projects
  • Manages each team, coordinating products, schedule, & budget
  • Selection of art and services
  • NCIDQ certified

Khip Irwin

Production Manager

headshot of Khip Irwin
  • Troubleshooter
  • Materials management
  • Installation coordinator

Charlie Boehm

Business Administrator

headshot of Charlie Boehm
  • Responsible for accounting functions including: contracts, administration, budget spreadsheets, tracking and invoicing.

Emily Roush

Administrative Coordinator

headshot of Emily Roush
  • Facilitates logistics for sales and production team
  • Provides organizational and operational project support
  • Develops and maintains relationships with vendors, clients, and artists
  • Implements media initiatives


Gallery Greeter & Chief Security Canine

headshot of Koda
  • Framing apprentice
  • Energetic team member
  • Will accept petting & treats... no emails