James makes his pick!

Winter Hemlocks by Paul Chojnowski
Burned, Scorched and Sanded Baltic Birch Plywood
24 x 36 x 1 1/2

Winter Hemlocks by Paul Chojnowski is my winter selection! Although formally trained, Paul rebelled against a typical process with his use of nontraditional tools – specifically a variety of blowtorches to “draw” on paper.

His process captivates me because, even with an incredible amount of skill, there is a sense of volatility and risk of burning the piece to ashes. Chojnowski is not afraid.

We were familiar with Paul’s cityscapes. Then for the first time, he passionately created a landscape. Rather than burning paper, he used birch panel. The wood background adds to the natural essence – even the wood grain appears as snowdrifts in the piece. Paul uses a jewelry torch to create small details in the leaves and add dimension to trunks of trees.

Some people do not connect with winter scenes, but that is not the case for me. I am drawn in by the depth of the landscape and I feel a sense of escape.

- James Frederick

Learn more about Paul Chojnowski here.