Janice Lessman-Moss

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"Pattern, as an abstract system, is a source of meaning in my work. With roots in nature, culture, and process, networks of motifs provide beauty, function, and a platform for poetic association."

Visual ideas are generated on the computer. The compositions evolve from a template of simple geometric shapes that have been sub-divided into smaller units. Through a sequence of improvised selection, new configurations are revealed, that in turn, form the foundation for successive layers of patterns.

The loom, as a tool, systematically organizes the threads framed within its structure. From the simplest of patterns to the larger geometric repetition, the mechanical operation of the loom provides a foundation upon which the composition is constructed.

 The complexity of shapes and compositional dynamics are influenced by the loom and the extent to which the computer may be integrated into the design process. In other words, the method of making affects the formal qualities of the piece – as in the shape and size of the mark, the extent of the details, and the physical textures.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT info@jamesgallery.net