Judith Kruger


My multi-disciplinary works are the by-product of a deep, obsessive engagement with nature and its particle-laden, material matter. Through the procurement and uncommon employ of plant, mineral and insect derived pigment, I focus on notions of human-environment connectivity, perception, impermanence, and void.

The inner essence of what I collect, and experience is ultimately distilled into tangible works that are meant to be perceived, felt, and questioned: rather than understood. The work evolves over long periods of time through a combination of ritualistic, controlled repetitive processes and experimental alchemy. It embodies specific personal ideas and encounters yet stands alone as an open-ended surrogate for language.

I am as much an Alchemist, explorer, and researcher as Artist.

Sustaining a non-toxic studio practice, with methods and materials that have existed in ancient cultures for thousands of years, derived from the environment itself, is my cathartic place to manifest hope for a renewed future that values the importance of mindfulness, well-being, and planet care.